About MeGun

Welcome to my website! My name is Carole Price, and I’m the author of TWISTED VINES, my first book in the SHAKESPEARE IN THE VINEYARD MYSTERY SERIES. Mystery writing has been a labor of love since retiring from a national laboratory over ten years ago. In my research for my writing endeavors, I traveled to Martha’s Vineyard, England, and Scotland, and for my new series I spent a considerable amount of time exploring Ashland, Oregon, home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where I fell in love with the Bard.

But with our very own Shakespeare festival and an exciting setting right here in Livermore, California, I only need to go as far as my own backyard to find inspiration for my novels.

Carole Price

I love to insert pieces of my background into my writing to share with my readers. For example, Cait Pepper, the main character in TWISTED VINES, is an ex-cop from Columbus, Ohio, my home town.  She inherits a vineyard and two Shakespeare theaters in a northern California town. It was as hard for her to leave Ohio as it was for me. My mother had a rooming house off campus where she rented rooms to students, just like Cait’s parents. While I attended Ohio State University, Cait attended Dennison University in Granville, Ohio. We are both Buckeyes!

There are many sources of inspiration for my writing, but one of my best is my writing partner, the lovely Shilo Price. She is always full of insight and never tires of hearing my new ideas and keeping my spirits running strong.

I also find inspiration for my writing from hiking the hills and mountains in and around the San Francisco Bay area, and always carry a notebook and pen in my backpack.  I graduated from Livermore’s Citizens Police Academy in 2003 and continue working as a police volunteer. The officers have been kind enough to answer my numerous questions about police procedures and allow me to go on ride-alongs. Of course, I always choose Saturday midnight shifts when the bad guys come out.

A fun hobby of mine is stained glass. I want to use this hobby in a book of suspense, and am thinking about the best way to insert clues in my glass projects. It should be fun and interesting to see what I come up with. But first, I have two more books to write for my SHAKESPEARE IN THE VINEYARD MYSTERY SERIES, which are coming along nicely and are full of all kinds of fun and unexpected twists. So stay tuned for even more from my flowing pen!