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Does having an author’s photo on the outside of the cover, where it can be seen by anyone picking up the book, make you more likely to buy it? A picture can’t tell you if the book is good enough for you to spend your dollars on. Only the quality of the writing can do that.

Okay, so why am I asking about photos? I don’t take a good picture. I look like . . . well, use your imagination. My daughter, Carla, chose the vineyards for my picture. I sat on fences, a balancing act trust me. Finally, after touring several wineries in Livermore we agreed a picture of me standing in front of huge wooden doors into a barrel room would look best for my book cover. Comments welcome.

How about book covers? First, I’m drawn to a book by its cover and then the author. I can’t wait to see what cover my publisher has in mind for my book. When asked, I suggested vineyards, the golden hills of California, Shakespeare. That seemed appropriate since Twisted Vines is a Shakespeare in the Vineyard mystery. How do you choose a particular book?

  1. Carole, Your post made me laugh. My daughter, too, struggles to reinvent and to help me. As for the cover photo, my most recent novel features a picture of me with my dog. I’ve been told that the dog is the more important part of the photo. Good luck. Liz

  2. Bikini. Two piece. Will sell lots of books. Especially to the perverts. They won’t even read the book, they’ll just get it for the author photo.

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